Frequently Asked Questions


Is Protect & Resurrect just a moisturiser?

Protect & Resurrect is more than a moisturiser, Protect & Resurrect is a tattoo cream containing our unique cosmetic peptide, which helps relax and smooth your skin, restoring its elasticity, and sharpens the appearance of your tattoo.

A blend of Jojoba and Macadamia nut oils, which are rich in essential fatty acids, antibacterial and are anti-inflammatory to restore the natural balance of your skin.

Our unique cosmetic peptide restores skin elasticity, relaxes micro wrinkles to improve the sharpness and detail of your tattoos.

Also featuring Jojoba Esters and Pine Oil Polymers help to maintain the original appearance of your tattoo while giving maximum depth.

The anti-oxidant and free radical scavenging properties of our Green Tea extract and Deep Sea Marine extract protect the skin from photo ageing at a cellular level.

SPF 15, UVB and UVA Broad Spectrum absorbers defend against harmful UV rays.

Results are immediately apparent and regular use provides stronger, more lasting effects.


Does Protect & Resurrect work on colour tattoos?

Yes! Colours look brighter with Protect & Resurrect, and lines look sharper.

Our natural oils and unique polymers naturally deepen the appearance of colours. Even the palest colours which have been lost can be restored with regular use.


Can I use Protect & Resurrect on new tattoos?

We suggest you avoid using Protect & Resurrect on open wounds and healing tattoos.

As soon as your tattoo has healed you can start protecting it with Protect & Resurrect.


Where is Protect & Resurrect made?

Protect & Resurrect is made in Sydney, Australia using the highest quality ingredients. All our manufacturing is undertaken in strict accordance with industry best practices and certifications.


Is Protect & Resurrect just a sunscreen?

SPF15 with UVA and UVB absorbers provide sun protection but sun protection is just one facet of Protect & Resurrect.

Our cosmetic-quality ingredients help prevent tattoos from fading and help restore the appearance of old tattoos.


How do peptides help my tattoos?

Our unique cosmetic peptide in Protect & Resurrect restores skin elasticity, relaxes micro wrinkles to improve the sharpness and detail of your tattoos. Used regularly, Protect & Resurrect gives your tattoo a sharper, smoother, more vibrant appearance.


How often do I have to use Protect & Resurrect?

Results are immediately apparent and daily use provides stronger, more lasting effects.

Protect & Resurrect should be part of your regular skincare regime.


How can I try Protect & Resurrect?

Protect & Resurrect is available in an 80gm tube and a trial sachet from our shop and selected stockists. See our Stockists.