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Protect & Resurrect

Help body art stay at its best.

Take care of your tattoos with Protect & Resurrect. Used regularly, it enhances the appearance of existing tattoos, and can help prevent new ones from fading. 

A good tattoo is for life. But as your skin changes, so can the appearance of your tattoos. Exposure to sunlight, aging, skin condition, over time they can all have an effect on the clarity and colour of your tattoos. That’s why we developed Protect & Resurrect, a gentle lotion specially designed for people with tattooed skin.

Make sure your tattoos get the attention they deserve.


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Protect & Resurrect Trial Sachet

Enhance existing tattoos and help keep new ones vibrant with Protect & Resurrect

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Protect & Resurrect is a revolutionary tattoo care cream developed and made in Australia using locally sourced natural, sustainable ingredients to prevent tattoos from fading and help resurrect old tattoos.

Snakes and Snipers is the first company to use peptides in the care and preservation of tattoos.

Your tattoos are a work of art.  Keep them that way.