From Balmain to Brunswick, the ink experience is much the same parlour to parlour. Depending on the size and style of the design, you chat to the artist, they draw a stencil, make sure you’re happy with the placement and get to work. Afterwards, they wrap it with a covering and send you on your way with a tube of antiseptic cream like Bepanthen.

But then what?

Now, I realise getting two tiny tattoos doesn’t make me an expert on body art (one of which I got with some time to kill after a snooze-worthy Tinder date) but after 20 years of ink, celebrity hairdresser and co-creator of Snakes & Snipers, Stevie English is.

“A good tattoo is for life. But as your skin changes, so does the appearance of your tattoos. Exposure to sunlight, ageing, wrinkles can all have an effect on the clarity and colour of your tattoos over time. Whenever I get a new tattoo, it becomes obvious how much my old ones have faded.”


Together with fellow hair maven Alan Buki, they developed Protect & Resurrect – a tattoo care cream made from natural ingredients including a peptide, found in snake venom.

“Skin elasticity is enhanced by a peptide, found naturally in the venom of the South East Asian Temple Viper, to create a smoothing effect on your skin cells and help enhance and maintain the clarity of existing tattoos alongside an SPF to prevent new ones from fading.”


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