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3 year old tattoo after Snakes and Snipers

There is a tattoo artist from Sweden named Cleo whose work I really love.  When she was in Australia I was excited to have her tattoo my arm and asked her to choose whatever she wanted to do. I love this beautiful artwork. Yesterday I tried Snakes and Snipers Protect & Resurrect for the first time and was amazed by the difference it made to my image immediately. Love it!


After 4 years of having my Rose tattooed on my arm I found that the ink was fading, Then I came across Snakes & Snipers Protect & Resurrect.

I have been using it daily and the result is fabulous.  The lines and ink are so much sharper.

Now my story will never die - Catalina

I love my tattoos and I have always taken good care of them.

When I heard about Snakes and Snipers' Protect & Resurrect, I decided to put it to the test. I put the cream on just one side of my 15 year old chest tattoo to see if it made any difference.  I was blown away. You can see the effect immediately.

I will definitely keep using Protect & Resurrect on all my tattoos! - Toby


9-year old tattoo after just a couple of applications!

I love using Protect & Resurrect, from Snakes & Snipers.

It makes my tattoos look fresh and strong, No need to re-ink - Paul

I had my tattoo done when I left my home and began my life travelling and now settling in Australia.

My tattoo was done in Columbia 5 years ago, as a reminder of my much loved puppy which I left behind with family.

I have been using Protect & Resurrect, for a month now, applying  it daily, and I love the result. It instantly tightens and brings my tattoo to life, and makes the colour bright and vibrant like it used to be, keeping memories alive.

- Vanessa x

After ten years of tattoos, I can tell you the times and age of each one, mostly due to the slight variation in colour and fading. After hearing about the science behind Snakes & Snipers' Protect & Resurrect, I couldn't wait to be one of the first to try it and the results blew my mind. Not only did it bring all of my tattoos up to one vibrancy, it made them look as fresh as the day I got them! I love this product, I trust it and if it's 'sun's out guns out'... then it's Snakes & Snipers out too!

- Justin Hill, Red Carpet reporter for Scoopla and Presenter on Channel Eleven TV show The Loop