Tattoo Inspiration

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Where Can I Get Tattoo Inspiration?

Do you have the urge to ink, yet don't know what to get?

Here are some suggestions in finding some inspiration.

A common misconception is that tattoos have to “mean something”. 
While we think that drawing from your own personal story can spark some amazing and unique ideas, don’t get too bogged down in making it relate to some kind of higher meaning.
Sometimes images that make you think “this is cool, I like it” can become your favourites. At the end of the day its your body, so if you want it - go for it! 
If you are really stuck, try getting your creative juices flowing by reading a book, watching a film or heading outdoors. Sometimes even brain storming with a mind map can help :)
 Try asking yourself a series of questions, such as:
  • “What is my passion?”,
  •  “Where is my favourite place on Earth?”, 
  • “Who do I look up to and why?”,
  • “What object in my home makes me feel at home?”
The digital age makes it easy to search as well, so try looking at Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest for some inspiration. (You can always check out our Instagram and Pinterest if you can't find any good threads.)
Good luck!