The future of tattoo care is here. 


Protect & Resurrect by Snakes and Snipers - peptide cream for tattoos

Protect & Resurrect is a revolution in tattoo skin care developed to refresh and revitalise your old tattoos, while protecting new tattoos.

More than a moisturiser, Protect & Resurrect is a tattoo cream containing our unique cosmetic peptide, which helps relax and smooth your skin, restoring its elasticity, and sharpens the appearance of your tattoo.

Created from ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients including Macadamia nut oil, Pine oil polymers, and Jojoba oil. Suitable for all skin types, Protect & Resurrect is Australian owned and made to be the best tattoo aftercare product on the market today.

Protect & Resurrect by Snakes & Snipers is simply the best cream for tattoos.