What is the best tattoo cream? Protect & Resurrect by Snakes & SnipersSnakes & Snipers - Protect & Resurrect. Rejuvenate your tattoos.Take care of your old tattoos with our peptide tattoo cream.


Snakes & Snipers originated in the idea that there must be a way to stop tattoos stop fading, and make old ink look new again. Snakes & Snipers Protect & Resurrect is a unique product dedicated to the care and maintenance of tattoos and tattooed skin.


Snakes & Snipers is the brain child of Alan and Stevie - one with a love of creating products that don't harm and the other with a love of tattoos. Both are passionate about sustainability and being chemically and environmentally conscious. Their vision was to create an exceptional product, made from premium, natural ingredients, engineered to rejuvenate existing tattoos while also protecting new ones. Alan and Stevie are also mindful about supporting the local economy, which is why Snakes & Snipers is locally made and owned, and all ingredients, manufacturing and operations are sourced right here in Australia.


At Snakes & Snipers we are proponents of social and environmental consciousness, which is why our product is all-natural, eco-friendly and is not and never will be tested on animals.


We are very proud to bring you this wonderful new product. Your tattoos are a work of art, help keep them that way.